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The integrity of our boundaries impacts everything ... our emotional state, the quality of our relationships, and the extent of our productivity or compulsiveness.  The VisibleU Method shows you how to stop the matching trap that disempowers us in our relationships, and lulls us into rumination or self-doubt. 

Being authentic, without becoming selfish, can be a tricky balance. The VisibleU Method™ (VUM) gives you a concrete framework for balancing self-care, with all of the contributions you want to make.

How do you juggle competing interests at work, and say "no" without doubting yourself? How do you handle the personal stress of difficult management interactions? The VUM gives provides guidelines to balance personal and professional roles, as well improve workplace communication.

Stress will push us into extremes of arguing or distancing, if we let it. But we can take hold of our inner experience, and do our part to create connection, instead of damage with harsh words or inauthentic silence.

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