About Jessica Kiesler

Creator of The VisibleU Method™

Thanks for stopping by! The VisibleU Method™ is a framework for managing stress in difficult moments and throughout your life.

In the last 20 years, I've held numerous clinical roles, managed clinical operations for a national EAP, and advised executives on complex employee-relations concerns at Fortune 1000 companies.   

I have a master's degree in applied psychology from New York University, and completed mediation training at the Columbia University School of Law. I've maintained a professional counseling license since 2006.  e

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I've helped hundreds of people untangle themselves from relational stress

Relational stress can push us into moments of regret. We might "play small" and under-assert ourselves. Or we may over-assert ourselves and get more upset or critical than we intend.  A silent dynamic is driving both: the matching trap

It's not so easy to just "be yourself" ... especially in stressful moments.

I recognized the matching trap in a unique way. I grew up with a twin (that's us in the picture). The "twin" experience drew me into a habit of matching that kept me inauthentically quiet, in some moments, and had me getting upset in others. But you don't need to be a twin to feel the effects of this matching dynamic.

We need to make space for things like calm, connection & fulfillment over time.

All sorts of silent forces can influence us when we feel intimidated or stressed. They tell us a "story" about other people, or our options, that is far more pessimistic than we may realize. But we can learn to notice and revise these unhelpful reactions. The VisibleU Method™ is a framework to combat the root of these obstacles, so that we can live our #goldilocksauthenticity.

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