This is Abby our 10-year old pointer-collie mix. She is smart as a whip, amazing at communicating what she wants, but also one of the most gentle, loving and serene souls I have ever encountered. (Just look at that smile.)

Abby knows that you really can strike a balance of…

  1. Presence to the really good moments in life (like sniffing the breeze outside on a sunny day), and
  2. Peace in the midst of stress (like snuggling up on the couch with her gray blanket when her loved ones keep going outside without her for some reason), and ALSO
  3. Going after the things you really want in life (she would like another treat in her Kong please).

We do have the power to stay present and authentic in our lives, without meditating for hours or denying our real feelings.

Give yourself permission to indulge every once in a while. Look for moments of joy, and let yourself want things – you deserve it.

Jessica Kiesler
Jessica Kiesler

Jessica is the creator of The VisibleU™ Method. Over the last 20 years she has helped hundreds of busy adults create more balance within, and with others. Jessica received her master’s degree in Applied Psychology from New York University, and completed mediation training at the Columbia University School of Law. She has held numerous clinical roles, managed clinical operations for a national EAP, and advised executives on employee-relations concerns at Fortune 1000 companies.