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3D Boundaries™ for Happier Personal & Professional Relationships

Programs & Workshops in Mindful Communication with Jessica Kiesler

Stress is part of life ... 
but relational stress doesn't have to
control your interactions.

Courses & workshops for ...

Harmony in Your Personal Relationships

Finding the "right" boundaries for your communication as a partner or parent, is no easy task. The VisibleU Method™ (VUM) gives you a concrete framework for balancing self-care, with all of the contributions you want to make in your closest relationships.

How do you juggle competing interests at work, and say "no" without doubting yourself? How do you handle the personal stress of difficult management interactions? There aren't always easy answers, but the VUM gives you a roadmap to answers that balance your role with appropriate compassion and authenticity.

Communication that is Balanced

Stress will push us into extremes of arguing or distancing if we let it. But we can take hold of our inner experience, and settle it, so that we can create connection with our words and actions, instead of damage with harsh words or inauthentic silence.

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Toolkit & Monthly Resources

VisibleU Method tools help you balance your needs & those of the people and world around you. Sign up to get access to four (4) mindfulness tools in the toolkit.

5-Day Program

The Authenticity Challenge

We can live in narrow versions of ourselves much more than we may realize. This 5-Day Challenge gives you the tools to recognize and overcome the obstacles that may keep you from "showing up" authentically, or have you overstepping in ways that drain your power and create distance with others.

10-Module Self-Paced Course

3D Boundaries for 
Mindful Communication

Learn how to create balance in your personal relationships and work/professional roles, and a proprietary tool for remembering it. The Method gives you a reliable framework for creating boundaries  that are balanced in all of the dimensions in which we live.

Jessica Kiesler

Teacher, Retired Psychotherapist

Do you feel like you're living in one of two extremes? .... either on autopilot ... mildly checked-out while you meet the demands of work, family and adult responsibility? ... or on-edge and irritable when you really just want to relax and connect with those around you.

You know it's stress.  Maybe you've tried a meditation app or yoga classes?

But here's the thing ... before we can relax and connect in the ways that we want, we must make "space" for that connection in two important ways: within ourselves and with others. Our instinct can be to do the opposite though. I learned this from personal experience. Years ago, I thought being "good" meant I should focus primarily on other people, and what they might want or need (which unintentionally made me sort of "invisible" in my closest relationships.)  I reached a point of feeling irritable  and unfulfilled often, because I wasn't showing up authentically for myself or for the people with whom I wanted to connect.

A mindfulness practice improved my overall stress immensely. But I still wanted to feel more calm and clarity in moments that I felt disagreement or pressure to compromise for someone else, when I also wanted or needed something. That's why I created the resources on this site.

The VisibleU Method™ gives you a roadmap for balancing your needs, with those of the people and world around you. I retired from private practice as a psychotherapist to share it with as many people as I can.

I did my graduate program in applied psychology at New York University and completed mediation training at the Columbia University School of Law. Over 20 years of professional experience, I've held numerous clinical roles, managed clinical operations for a national EAP, and have advised executives on complex employee-relations concerns at Fortune 1000 companies.

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