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The VisibleU Method™ 

3D Boundaries™ for Mindful Communication

 'Make the Shift from Frustrated Giver to Influential Contributor' ™ 

👋 Hi, I'm Jessica and I'd like to show you how to avoid the unconscious extremes that drive overheated or chilly exchanges at home or work.

How many times have you said something in anger, that you regretted later? Or maybe you agonized over a period of time when you felt unable to bridge a stalemate with a partner or colleague? 

It can feel almost impossible to avoid these obstacles at times (that's the way I used to feel). But I learned some things in my 20 years as a counselor. And I retired from my private practice to share them as many people as I can.  

👫 Learn to communicate in a 'Goldilocks' way that balances compassion for your own needs and for others'

Everyone wants to feel connected, and be generous, in our personal and professional relationships. We also want (and deserve) to have influence in those relationships. But what's the right balance of seeking influencing and deferring? In moments of pressure or conflict that line can seem very hazy.  The VisibleU Method™ (VUM)  clarifies those situations. It gives you a roadmap for communicating with boundaries that connect, protect and respect in all of the dimensions that matter.

👌 The VUM gives you a memorable way to "see & say" the balanced thing in almost any stressful interaction

Most of us are trying to manage our communication in a 2-dimensional way. We "know" that we must respect others, and we aim to use words and actions that do just that. But our ability to follow through on those intentions is equally dependent on the boundaries (or lack thereof) for our inner dialogue, not just our  external words. The VUM gives very clear and actionable definition to boundaries for three dimensions  in which we live.

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Make the shift from Frustrated Giver
 to Influential Contributor

Go beyond communication strategies that focus on what to say, or how to say it. 📚 This program shows you the tricks to maintain a clear perspective to follow through and communicate in a mindful way.

Module 1

Introduction to the VUM & a quick audio practice.

Module 2

A new perspective  on stressful interactions

Module 3

An anchor for balanced communication

Module 4

Your secret weapon for calm under pressure

Module 5

How to protect against upset in your interactions

Module 6

How to ensure you have goodwill to share with others

Module 7

The unintended way we prevent deeper connection 

Module 8

The most common way we sabotage our power

Module 9

The secrets to ongoing fulfillment &  connection

Module 10

The trick for Goldilocks communication

 🙏 Kind words for the teacher


"I'm finding myself looking for the resources I have instead of throwing my hands up in frustration. I am truly grateful."



"You are by far the best coach I have ever worked with."



"I feel like i'm getting more compassionate with myself, and ironically I'm more able to give in the ways I was try to before."


Finally A Roadmap 🗺 for Balanced Communication

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If you are not satisfied, we will refund your purchase within 10 days from the date of purchase.  Offer not valid if you have consumed more than 50% of the content.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can I watch the lessons?

Step 1

Your purchase gives you lifetime access to the content, so you can watch them as many times as you like.

Who might benefit from this course?

Step 1

... almost anyone who would like to communicate in a way that helps you "show up" authentically, but also respectfully.

What makes this course different from other books & trainings?

Step 1

This course gives you a completely new (and proprietary) way to think about boundaries, and use them in your communication at home and work.

"I tend to say too much when I'm in a stressful conversation. Is this for me?"

Step 4

Yep. Most of us are guilty of this at some point. Emotion can push us past our intentions, if stress (especially unconscious stress) gets too big. The course gives you tools to address that.

"I have a hard time engaging in stressful conversations. Is this for me?"

Step 4

Also yes. Different versions of the same  dynamic keep us silent, or overly deferential. This course offers tools to keep your communication with others (and with yourself) in an objective and compassionate place.

Who would not be a good fit for this course?

Step 4

This course is purely educational and is not intended to be any substitute for individual or couples counseling for a medical or health condition.

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The VisibleU Method™ 

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