3-Dimensional Balance™️ Course 

Learn how a "teapot & cups" can help you with boundaries in stressful moments & throughout your life

Tired of pleasing or persuading?

Balancing your needs, with those of everyone else, is NOT easy. This course gives you an elegant metaphor to create calm within, and balance with others.

Stop Playing Small or
Getting Frustrated

You want to be authentic ... but not selfish. You want to contribute ... without being drained. The VisibleU Method (VUM) provides a simple framework to manage your stress level and relationship boundaries.

A framework for boundaries 
in stressful moments & throughout your life

This on-demand, multi-media course shows you how to possess yourself with strong boundaries, for more fulfillment and connection with those you love.

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Does this sound familiar?

You avoid conflicts, but know it leaves your needs out in the cold.
Sometimes you lose your cool, or say the wrong thing, when you really just wanted to share your perspective.
It's hard to feel clear about when to advocate for what you want, or  compromise for what other's might want.
You get pulled into "the same old" arguments or unsatisfying patterns, but the way out is unclear.

Imagine this instead: 

Clearly see the boundaries for peace of mind, balanced connection, and decisions that are fulfilling. 
Understand your responsibility for equilibrium in stressful moments.
Make small and big decisions that respect your power & that of everyone else.
Get an easy way to remember these guidelines for the rest of your life.

Your Roadmap for Balance 

Module 1

Introduction to the VUM & a quick audio practice.

Module 2

A new perspective  on stressful interactions

Module 3

The anchor for balanced communication

Module 4

Your secret weapon for calm under pressure

Module 5

How to steer clear of unhelpful or escalated conflicts 

Module 6

How to ensure you have goodwill to share with others

Module 7

The hidden way we create distance in relationships

Module 8

The most common way we sabotage ourselves

Module 9

The secrets to fulfillment &  connection

Module 10

3-Dimensional Balance

 🙏 Kind words for the teacher

"I find myself looking for the resources i know I have instead of throwing my hands up in frustration. I am truly grateful."

"You are by far the best coach I have ever worked with."

"I feel like I'm getting more compassionate with myself, and ironically I'm more able to give, in the ways I was trying to before."

A Simple & Memorable Stress-Management System 

The 3-Dimensional Balance™
Foundation Course

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Downloadable PDF worksheets 
Downloadable Audio Affirmations to keep key course concepts top of mind

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