What's Your  Relational Stress Style?

Stress can pull us into the unhelpful world of pleasing or persuading. Sound familiar?

Learn about your Relational Stress Style™️ and what to do about it.

Would you like a more reliable way to navigate stressful interactions? 
What about more calm & confidence when you face pressure or disagreement?
And would you really like a clear roadmap for balance within & with others?

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The Relational Stress Toolkit

Get immediate access to educational videos, PDFs and MP3's to begin learning the VisibleU Method™️ for managing stress. 

5-Day Challenge

The Authenticity Challenge

With five fun activities, learn how to overcome the main obstacles to showing up with "Goldilocks Authenticity" in our personal and work lives. 

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The 3-Dimensional BalanceFoundation Course

With a simple metaphor and easy-to-remember framework, learn how to master the skills for creating calm, connection and fulfillment ... in stressful moments & throughout your life.

Jessica Kiesler

Creator of The VisibleU Method™

Do you feel like you're sometimes living in one of two extremes? .... either on autopilot, mildly checked-out while you meet the demands of work and family? ... or on-edge, when you'd really rather relax and connect with those around you.

Before clinical training in psychology, I assumed that "being a good person" meant that I should focus primarily on other people, and what they might want or need. But that made me sort of "invisible" in my closest relationships, because I wasn't showing up authentically ... with other people and for myself.

What's the right balance of being authentic, but also respectful and adaptable, when stress or conflict arise?  It's not an easy answer, and that's why I created the resources on this site.

The VisibleU Method™ is a memorable framework for balance in stressful moments and throughout your life.

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Untangle Yourself from Relational Stress

The VisibleU Method™ is a memorable framework for balance in stressful moments and throughout your life.

Audio Exercise for Balance Within
PDF guide: 20 Tips to Stop Relational Stress
Affirmations for Balance With Others